University. What an experience… The fun you’ll have, the friendships you’ll make, and that all-important piece of paper you’ll receive at your graduation ceremony! Uni life remains as attractive now as ever; for many young people, it is the only option they’re considering when finishing school. Why? Quite simply, they want to feel prepared for their chosen profession and give themselves an edge over their competitors by having a Degree. It shows a level of understanding, commitment and the ability to focus on their workload. And, with almost half of the UK’s under 30-year old’s opting for higher education, the number of grads coming through the system is not about to slow down. With more and more of today’s talent pool coming in the form of a graduate, whatever type of company you are, small or large, you need to consider offering a Graduate Placement Programme. There are plenty of benefits to this; and here’s just a few of them.

Sourcing Made Simple

As anybody involved in the recruitment process knows, it can be rather costly; there’s advertising, time spent on sourcing candidates and conducting interviews, all quickly adding up to a sizeable sum. Whilst a Graduate Placement Programme doesn’t eliminate the cost of recruitment altogether, it makes it more manageable. Since you’re only looking to a sub-set of the market, you can tailor your advertising which means you’ll spend way less than you would going to the whole market. You’ll also save time during the interview process knowing only the right candidates – that’s those who have already proven themselves academically - have been short-listed for interview.

A Sound Investment

According to statistics, more Graduates than ever are leaving their studies with a first-class Degree. That’s some serious talent on offer, and you’d be crazy not to want a piece of! Think of it this way: you’ve someone keen to work for you, who comes to you pre-trained and you didn’t have to pay a penny! Sure, most placements include on-going training but since most jobs on the market include an element of training, this is no different for a grad as it is the next person. So, why not make the most of our amazing higher education system and utilize the talent all ready and prepped for the workplace?

Keen as Mustard

This is some seriously fresh talent, direct from the training camp. After several years of studying, you’ll find most grads are eager as anything to simply crack on with the job. Let’s face it, those who wanted to take a year out straight after their training have long since disappeared; grads, on the other hand, are keen to get going and apply their skills to whatever profession they’d set their hearts on. Remember, they’ve spent three or more years living off a shoestring and the odd emergency food package from Mum; in short, they’re champing at the bit to earn some cold, hard cash! Which means you, their employer, can expect the optimum from each and every one of them, every day.

On The Pulse

Most grads have just this minute left their studies behind and come to you armed with all kinds of intellect on your industry that’s up to date, relevant and ready to put into practice. Many will have embarked on a placement (or two) during their time studying and, as such, have a little industry practice up their sleeves; you’ll often find there’s a few older grads – known as ‘Mature’ students who left employment to return to study – also coming to you with some prior work experience. Which means you often get the best of both worlds – some work experience AND up-to-the-minute knowledge of their profession and your industry.

Follow The Leader

How many grads have already been a full-time worker? Not too many. Generally speaking, that’s why many went off to study in the first place – with a specific profession in mind, and a mind-set to obtain the skills needed for that profession. It makes great business sense to recruit from a pool of people who come with little to no preconception on how the working world operates. Why? Put simply, it enables you to offer any necessary on-the-job training in line with your workplace, values and culture. Grads will very quickly pick up on the way you prefer to do business, as opposed to your competitors. And the quicker they’re embedded into the company culture, the happier you - and they - will feel.

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