Living and working in York

The days of a fifty-year career, all with the same firm, 'grab your gold watch on the way out' are long gone. Far from it, in fact, with most people entering double figures when it comes to the number of jobs they will hold down throughout their career. And whilst some job changes will be simple - think 'promotion' (new title, larger desk and a fatter pay packet - thanks very much!), others will be much bigger a deal, perhaps even forcing a change to your place of residence, too.

It's an age-old quandary for any person when they're looking for a new role. Do I look at employment within the vicinity of the town or city where I live? Or, do I look outside of this area and consider relocating to wherever that job might be?

If you're thinking the latter, and changing things up on both the home and work front this year, you'd do well to look at one of the North's finest cities, York.

Eboracum to the Romans, Jorvik to the Vikings, and now simply ‘York’ to us, this jewel in Yorkshire’s crown has a charm like no other place in the region. Home to families and young professionals, students and hipsters, it genuinely offers something to everyone.

It's the best place in the UK! FACT! At least, it was in 2018, thanks to the Sunday Times 'Best Place to Live' list which cited its mix of 'history and hi-tech' as major selling points for York. It's true, there is plenty of heritage here; pretty much everywhere you turn, you'll stumble across a Roman ruin - how about that very wall circling the city for starters! Together with its many 'bars', that’s the original points of entry to the city dotted along the wall (not the type where you stop off for a tiple or three - although there's plenty of those to be had too), you're never more than a few steps away from your next piece of history. Off-set this with a futuristic feel channelled by a fast-growing tech industry, of which York is currently the industry's largest employer in the north, and you have a well-balanced city managing to retain its charm and move with the times.

It's fabulously fast! Not only this, but York became the first Giga-bit City in the UK which means it is one of the most connected cities in terms of its fibre network (yep, another tech accolade!). Which, in terms of working life, ensures super-fast online connections and, in turn, a quicker speed at which you and your employer can operate. It might not seem too big a deal on first glance, but think how much more productive this can make you as an employee? There is nothing worse than having a lag between your own personal work speed and that of the technology you use for your job; more than frustrating, it can hold you back physically, too. You're probably more likely to find employers who will facilitate flexible working thanks to having the infrastructure in place to support it. And when you're super productive at your job, you'll breeze through it at top speed, allowing you more time to enjoy outside of work. Yippee for IT!

It's easily accessible Not the biggest of cities to get around, and much of it doable on foot, just adds to York's attraction. Depending on where you choose to reside within the city - central or on its outskirts - you may well find work is a mere stroll away; at worst, a bus ride (of which there are plenty on offer - and yes, they even show up!). It has also enjoyed many years as a 'push-bike friendly' city, known as being one of the safest for cycling in the UK, with as many as 1 in 8 commuters choosing to cycle to work rather than drive. In fact, it could be argued a car isn't even necessary when you're living in York, with so many other options available to you. It could save you a penny or two on the cost of owning and running a vehicle. Another big tick!

It's coooool.... Look beyond the quaint, historical side to York and you’ll find a city constantly abuzz with activity. The tourists ensure the place remains permanently busy during the day, while its residents – long-term or temporary - keep the place ticking over of a night. There is plenty of live music on offer, regular shows at the city’s theatres, and literally hundreds of places to eat out which give residents and tourists alike oodles of variety for food and drink. Craft breweries are popping up like daisies to keep the hipsters happy, not to mention the number of gin distilleries to behold in and around the city. Rumour has it some 365 public houses are hidden within the Vale of York, that’s one for each day of the year – now that’s sure to help when it comes to after-work drinks!

It's actually affordable! If you’re adamant on living city-side – maybe one of those beautifully renovated flats on the river? – then of course, like with most city centres, you’ll expect to pay a premium. Look beyond its centre, however, and York has a plethora of affordable accommodation to choose from with plenty of 2-or-more bedroomed properties ideal for families and house shares alike, all dotted around the city’s fringe. In terms of rentals, you'll be wise to engage with local estate agents to find a property that suits your requirements and budget; they will know the city better than most and are best-placed to see you settled in quickly. Or, if you've come with a deposit at the ready and want to buy something, lucky you - not only in there being plenty of choice in accommodation and also in it's being a great place to invest, with property values increasing at rates higher than many others in the UK.

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