I can’t believe it is Tuesday again, our rapidly becoming new norm, seems to still go as fast. I still find I’m struggling to fit things in my diary with new commitments added all the time. Zoom networking and meetings, video calls with friends I haven’t seen in ages, family quizzes, team meetings. All important, all useful as it were but all I still can’t wait to be back seeing everyone face to face.

Face to face meetings have always been the most important aspect of my job in recruitment. Candidate interviews, client briefings and site visits, team catch ups and one to one’s, supplier meetings. I do them all face to face. I was speaking to someone this week about how much of our ‘old’ life we will keep when lockdown is over. Will working from home and technology stay in place for many businesses, what is there to gain, and more importantly what would we lose.

My personal thoughts are that human interaction is paramount, it keeps us truly connected. I don’t mind adding tech to help a process, but I wouldn’t want it to replace all aspects of my job. I guess after all, this is the foundation of our value proposition, sitting down face to face with everyone we work with. It may slow the ‘process’ down a little, but as I am now discovering, does it matter? Taking the time to do a thorough job is surely more important? So as I reflect on how we will improve our service offerings in the future, yes tech will continue to play a small part, but I won’t be removing face to face meetings from the way we do business in the future.

What are your thoughts? Are you enjoying working from home and the brevity of video calls, or do you long for days back in the office and face to face meetings again?

I wish you a wonderful week ahead, and as always, if you do fancy a natter, do give me a call, we are always available to help!