Sourcing talent can be a mammoth task. From advertising to sifting through applications to interviews, staff recruitment is a time-consuming process and can eat into weeks of your life – just for the one role! There’s a lot to consider: and how best to set out your stall so only the correct type of candidates come forward is just the tip of the iceberg.

Modern-day HR departments have way too much work on their desks for all of this! For starters, looking after the existing employees making sure they’re happy, being paid on time and suitably flying the company flag! Then there’s the policies, procedures, compensation packages… the list goes on. “But we’ve always done our own recruitment” you say. “We don’t have the budget for expensive recruitment campaigns” you say. Well, perhaps it’s time to take a plunge into something a little different with fixed-fee recruitment from One to One!

What is fixed-fee recruitment?

As it sounds, you pay a fixed fee for an agency to help recruit your new hires. This differs to the more traditional recruitment model where an agency charges a percentage of the salary of the new hire they have sourced you. A fixed fee ensures that everyone knows the cost of recruitment from the get-go; and it comes with a much lower ‘price tag’ than the more traditional arrangement. It’s a perfect solution for small businesses operating on a minimal budget, and for large organisations running a volume recruitment campaign (that is, looking to fill more than one role), altogether saving them time and money. Plus a few headaches, too!

Saving sounds great! But how does it work?

In a word, simply! There is little change to the recruitment process – only in how it is managed. Oh, and of course, the price. But asides the cost reduction, fixed fee recruitment is extremely attractive to companies in its giving them flexibility. You see, some clients only need help in pin-pointing candidates; they’re completely confident and have the time available to take on the rest of the process for themselves. Which is fine! Who wants to pay for more of a service than they actually need?

Here’s how One to One Recruitment’s Fixed-Fee offer works.

Step One: A+ Advertising We prepare and share your ad online across job-boards, plus social media platforms, for 4 weeks giving you optimum coverage across the most popular networks

Step Two: CV Sourcing We manage the responses to your ad, handling all enquiries and gathering applications for the vacancy (or vacancies!)

Step Three: Candidate Creation We send all applications to your HR department or in-house contact, to continue interviewing.

Too easy, right? And if, like some clients, you reach Step 3 and find that ‘something just cropped up’, not a problem. One to One has experience in role fulfilment from the key stages through to the post-interview final reference checks. So, if you have a change of plan and want a little extra help than first thought, we can easily add in services either supporting with parts of the process or creating a tailored plan to finish the process in full and ensure your successful applicant is on-board.

If you need a hand finding your ideal candidate and want to try our perfectly suitable solution, have a chat with a One to One Recruitment Specialist today!