The CIPD’s quarterly Labour Market Outlook is considered one of the most authoritative employment indicators in the UK; their recent report highlights a positive shift in the employment marketplace. Great news for anyone looking for a new role!

At One to One Recruitment we are firm believers that making yourself stand out from the crowd will help you secure that dream job.

But how? When you’ve crafted your CV to suit today’s preferred minimalist approach – including no more than a summary and timeline of your key roles, responsibilities and skills – this doesn’t do much to tell your potential new boss about how incredible you are.

Sure, you could try adding some extra detail to the application form, although these tend to follow the same short-sharp approach to the CV nowadays, providing little to no space for you to show off your shiny side.

So, when your online applications ask for a CV upload only, it’s time to whip out your secret weapon: the cover letter!

The secret to crafting a killer cover letter You’d be crazy NOT to include a cover letter with your job application, whatever type of role it is you’re after. In short, it’s your ideal chance to strut your stuff and provides your potential employer with those extra bits of info that makes you ten times better than all other applicants. Remember: recruiters sift through hundreds of applications every day, and yours needs to be the one that sticks out from the get-go!

Still not sure what to say? Follow our top tips on how to nail your cover letter!

Write professionally and with personality Look, you really are amazing, right? So, get your confidence on and tell your new boss precisely that! Explain what it is that makes you different and use positive words and language as you do so. While you’re at it, structure your letter professionally with the correct placement of the address and date, and use complete paragraphs (all checked for spelling and grammar errors).

Keep it short – and keep it relevant! This part of your cover letter is crucial. You’re trying to gain Brownie points here, not put your potential employer to sleep. So, make sure you keep your cover letter short and to the point. Yes, you’re expanding on detail the reader is not privy to by reading your CV alone, but the last thing you want is to say too much.

Make a connection There is a reason you want this job, correct? We mean beyond the obvious – the attractive salary, current opportunity, and ongoing prospects. You have chosen to pursue this job in particular, not the one with a competitor or in a different field. Think about why you want to work for this business. Are there some common interests? Do you believe in the company’s purpose as posted on their website? Is it a socially responsible company whose values you share? Once you pinpoint what you like most about the company, make sure it gets a mention.

Don’t just say it – demonstrate it! Admit it; every candidate thinks they are the one perfect for the role. While that might be the case, you need to make it clear as to WHY. If you feel there is a skill required for the role and you have it in abundance, don’t just mention it but give examples of the craft and how you have used it in the past.

Blow the employer’s trumpet as well as your own! Your key objective with a cover letter is to set yourself apart and explain how incredible you are. How about a little trumpeter-blowing about your potential new boss, too? Because everybody appreciates a little flattery! Is there something special they have done recently that impressed you? Maybe they have made the news due to an initiative that’s close to your heart. Or taken home an award for something which has impressed you. No need to harbour the point but, by all means, give credit where it is due. It shows you appreciate the company and have done your research, which they will love to see.

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