"In this current market, candidates are being continually approached with an abundance of opportunities to choose from. It can be easy to be highly selective and occasionally to simply ignore them" Clare Hutchison, MD

As recruitment processes have become more digitalised, further impacted by the pandemic and creation of a ‘Zoom world’, ‘ghosting’ has seen a considerable increase both from employers and employees. This growing trend of cutting off communication at any stage of the recruitment process is having a detrimental effect on businesses looking to achieve their growth goals.

Historically candidates would comment that they hadn't heard from a company they had applied to or were left unsure of next steps during a hiring process. However, due to the tightening labour market, the power shift has changed and this behaviour is becoming more apparent with candidates. According to a survey conducted by Indeed, 28% of jobseekers confirmed that they had ghosted employers, not only during the interview process, but some simply hadn’t turned up on their first day of work.

So how does an organisation deal with the rise in candidate ghosting and stand out amongst the crowd to ultimately hire their next employee? It starts with a commitment to communicate and clearly defining the steps in their recruitment process or in other words, ensuring you are following a clear, concise, and professional plan.

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