For the first time since lockdown, I woke up today with a renewed energy to start to complete the projects that we have been working on behind the scenes. I don’t know whether it was the sunshine this last weekend or the prospect of a long weekend ahead, but I am feeling excited about the future.

We have some big plans, collaboration ideas, and new services to launch, which are all really positive projects to get my teeth stuck into. I love that our business is in York and that I am lucky to have many brilliant business contacts to network and share these ideas with. It struck me though, if I could have a business meeting with any commercial mastermind globally - say five key business leaders or influencers, who would I choose?

I think I would have to invite Indra Nooji, Sharon White, Peter Jones, Richard Branson & Sara Blakey. Which starts me thinking…the questions I would ask! Who would you want to meet, who would you want to work for? Who inspires you to make a difference?

In other news, we are doing really well with the Plant a Pot for Hero’s with lots of seeds going out, we can’t thank you all enough for supporting our fundraising initiative. If you would like to get involved, do send your name and address to and make a little donation on our JustGiving page

And finally for this week’s update, we will be looking for a new team colleague to join us when we are back - watch this space for more info!