I have literally just laughed out loud watching Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe on Lorraine and have since listened to their podcasts on Lockdown’s Parenting Hell - it is so true - yes there are some amazing bits of being in our lockdown bubble, but seriously, I should not give up my day job!

It struck me that whilst I have spent the last 8 weeks desperate to return to normal, desperate to do all the things I used to, the suggestion of a little more ‘normality’ has made me realise how much I feel safe and secure in my bubble. BUT and it is a big BUT, I am starting to feel rather claustrophobic and somewhat anxious at what our new normal will look like.

My thoughts immediately spring to returning to the office, surrounding myself with my fab team again, and whilst I would dearly love to be visiting clients and meeting our candidates, now more than ever, I realise that there is much preparation to be done to ensure that I look after us all.

For our business, when we can return, there will still be many aspects that won’t change back immediately. Our crash courses in technology applications will definitely support us well, the incredible local network that has been invaluable during this period will continue to share, encourage and expand as we welcome new colleagues. Collaboration with other service businesses will help our clients continue to grow and develop. I guess in fact, my bubble will just grow, with people I trust and value the most and that is really rather exciting. We have brilliant people partners locally, if you and your business would like to see how we can collaborate and share ideas, please do drop me a line.

Yet back to reality - the prospect of 100+ days ahead of homeschooling is somewhat scary. If camping in the garden last weekend had anything to go by, the thought of a summer holiday spent in the garden is rather overwhelming!

As I say, I won’t ever be giving up my day job, hats off to the amazing teachers out there!