The Benefits of Being a Temp

Remember when folk worked forever at the same company? Our grandparents did; it’s likely some of our parents did too. Not anymore. In fact, millennials are tipped to hang around in each of their roles just two to three years at a time – or, ditch permanent roles altogether in favour of more casual, short-term employment as and when they choose.

This shift towards temping is just another example of how our fast-paced, little-time-to-spare existence is shaping our everyday lives. With millions of workers now demanding more freedom, more flexibility and, quite frankly, more fun from their work than in previous generations, temping starts to look that bit more attractive than it did in the past. Today, we’re giving you a few reasons to help tempt you towards the temping life!


Feeling a little young to be tied down to a permanent job? Or, not quite sure what that real job actually looks like yet and still need cash to survive? Welcome to the wonderful, carefree, non-committal world of temping! Unlike permanent employment – big scary contract and all – temporary work allows you to breeze in and out of roles with flexibility, earning as and when you need to and with no ties when you don’t (in other words, no notice period!). So, when you do finally figure out what it is you want to be when you grow up, you’re immediately free to move towards your goal without any headaches.

Variety. Oh, so spicy!

Come on, who doesn’t get just a smidge cheesed off with having to perform the same tasks, day in-day out? Temping offers you the ultimate in variety, not just in your place of work but more, with the type of jobs expected of you once you’re all clocked in; some companies will, in fact, expect a multitude of hat-wearing during your stay, having you cover everything from back-office operations to customer-facing support. Indeed, temping is the perfect opportunity to show off your many different skills and abilities and pick up bags of new ones as you go, too. In short, if you’ve a broad skillset or repetition tires you out, temping is the way to go.

YOU the boss man, man!

OK, perhaps not exactly. However, unlike with traditional employment, temping means you at least get to call some of the shots. For instance, when you work is completely down to you. You may choose to work for a few weeks, bank up some cash, then take time out for other endeavors (think travel!); almost like seasonal work, without being bound by the time of year or UK weather patterns. You can choose where you’ll work, too, with temp work allowing for your being in one location one week and a completely different one the next – which is ideal for folk who love a bit of town or city-hopping!

It fits YOUR lifestyle

Perhaps you’re studying and see work as a means to support you through your time in education. Maybe you’re a parent who needs to be on hand for your children during school holidays and restricted to employment based around term times. Or, you have another commitment which sees your availability for work coming in random blocks; for instance, a long-time seasonal job takes up your summers and leaves you looking for something temporary during the colder months. Whatever your reason, temping is the perfect way to fit work around your pre-existing commitments and reap all of the benefits of a job. Aka a pay slip.

A fast, regular income

Speaking of cash, most temping agencies pay their staff on a weekly basis which is extremely attractive a proposition to many a worker – certainly, the younger crowd relish having pennies at their disposal come Friday afternoon (likely all spent come Sunday morning…!). No more of that ‘final Friday of the month’ or ‘30th of each month’ malarkey when you’re a temp: just a steady flow of cash into your bank account in line with the amount of time you’ve worked.

Grow your network

There’s nothing like temping for making new friends. Seriously, it’s as if your little black book quadruples overnight, which can be very handy over the long term, particularly when you’re new to the marketplace and connections mean everything. It’s also a fine way to see what you think of an organisation, ‘try before you buy’ style. Like what you find, and you’ll know they’re a company worth keeping on the Christmas card list; or, where you’re not the right fit for one another, strike them through. Some offer a ‘Temporary to Permanent’ programme which, on proving yourself, bestows the opportunity to become part of the furniture. Not that this is the outcome all temps are wanting, of course, although dipping your toe in the water first is certainly a great start to any working relationship.

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