Grab your cuppa!

I don’t know about you, but I am discovering plenty about myself and my family during lockdown, but also just how incredible some people are in a crisis! (Captain Tom clearly springs to mind!)

I think it is safe to say, that we are all handling this situation in our own ways. Business continues to be a safe haven for me, setting time aside to work on new services and projects we are using this time to complete. Virtually catching up with clients, my network and of course amazing team. I am loving our fundraiser initiative and so thankful for those who have already supported this campaign.

The truth is though, that I am massively missing actually seeing my clients and candidates, I have been doing my job for over 25yrs and it brings great joy, it just feels like this has been completely taken away from me. I can’t wait to be back at work properly.

When I am not working on the business, I love to check in and see what my family and friends are doing, and it transpires many are baking. I’ll be honest, it’s not my natural past time. Usually M&S or Gusto cook for me, but I am trying and failing too. Who knew you could burn pizza so easily. Luckily I have discovered the recipe boxes from my amazing local deli in Wigginton! They pull together all the ingredients you need to make your baking creations. And it’s initiatives like this that I simply love about local businesses.

We’re all getting inspired to become more creative, exercise more, learn new things and I’m just in awe of some of the incredible people that are sharing their talent, making their experience available for everyone to access and all for free.

My personal favourite has to be Sir David Attenborough who is giving geography lessons on BBC bitesize, I can’t wait to watch them with the children. These wonderful people are teaching us all, that despite these strange and somewhat scary times, we all come together to help and do what we can to get through it the best we can.

So, with this in mind, if I can offer anyone any help at all, be it in any aspect of recruitment or people management, building and marketing a business or living and working in York, please do let me know, I’m here and would love to help.

I hope you have a wonderful week and do share any discoveries you’ve found during lockdown too!

I’m off to unload and stack the dishwasher again and no doubt mediate a child fall out!

Love Clare x