Gosh I love a long weekend, especially one where you actually shut the laptop, leave your phone off and live in the moment. I hope that you have had a good one too!

I find having time out allows you to reflect on business and coupled with One to One being an independent company, enables me to be extremely flexible with my approach to business. A 2020 Plan B is required!

We are constantly evaluating aspects of our value proposition and service offering, and we want to ensure that we can support our clients in this new world of work. With this in mind, I wonder if I can ask you for your feedback in respect to how we could support you and your business? Would you be interested in hearing more?

  • Outplacement service - supporting the future careers of your workforce
  • Review of your recruitment fees - helping you to hire key employees
  • Aligning your workforce to job descriptions – cost efficiency initiative
  • Workforce planning - a supplier arrangement that supports your people plans

We are extremely grateful for your feedback – please do email me directly should you want to discuss further - clare@121york.co.uk. Thank you!